Ethical Eats for Companion Carnivores

Raw Food and Dehydrated Treats for Cats and Dogs

Finally, a pet food that doesn't cost the planet.

Our Mission: Nice Nutrition!

We're passionate about nourishing even the most finicky dogs and cats with products that support both the well-being of the planet and the well-being of the pet. From our farm to their bowls ... MeatMe is simply the best for four-legged friends!

Ethical Eats

Our single-source beef, chicken, and turkey frozen, 100% raw pet food is made from certified organic, Certified Humane®, and non-GMO proteins. Our rabbit food is made with responsibly raised rabbit. All formulas are American sourced and made with proteins from our own Ayrshire Farm and partner farms. Our food never contains additives or preservatives. All formulas are balanced and based on whole food ingredients with mineral supplements, carefully developed by a renowned veterinary nutritionist.



"Mira started to not want to eat the other day. You could tell she was having a rough go of things so I sprinkled some Tibbles on her food and she went to town! I’ve been sprinkling just a little on her wet food every day this week and she’s eating like a champ! I can tell already they are going to help Mira with her fight against cancer."

– Tiffany


“Bubbles LOVES Bibbles!  And we love that just a little goes a long way!”

- Norman

Barney & Tweety

“My cats LOVE the *ibbles as an after dinner treat!”

- Marci Kladnik
Past President, Cat Writers' Association
Winner of the Kari Winters Rescue and Rehabilitation Award


Gigi prefers to show you how much she enjoys her MeatMe™ Chibbles Jerky!