Ethical Eats for Companion Carnivores

Raw Food and Dehydrated Treats for Cats and Dogs

Real Food for Your Beloved Companions.

Tired of cereal every day, every meal? Stinky canned stuff? We have the answer! 
We believe that cats and dogs should eat yummy, safe, pure goodness that leaves them licking the bowl! Organic, humanely raised poultry, and local, natural beef are used in the MeatMe™ line of raw and dehydrated diets and treats for pets.

Human Grade

Sourced and made in the USA, MeatMe™ uses only human-grade quality meats.

Healthy Animals

Our products are made from healthy animals from our own farms and produced in our own USDA-inspected human foods production facility, following all HACCP guidelines.

100% Meat

Our foods and treats are 100% meat based (some include organs and ground bones), easy to serve, and contain no yucky stuff – no by-products, waste products, corn, soy, wheat or GMO ingredients.