About Us

Transparency and traceability are our guiding principles. You should know exactly what goes into your pet's food, where the food was processed, and in what country the ingredients were sourced. You should rest assured that the animals used in the food were raised responsibly and humanely. And you should feel confident that the company making your pet's food cares about the planet.

We're committed to sustainable, humane farming practices to provide your pets with traceable, responsibly sourced meat, born and bred in America. Our food and treats feature human-grade proteins from our own Ayrshire farm and partner farms, and all MeatMe products are made in our own processing facility in Virginia.

Because of our animal husbandry practices, our meats naturally contain higher amounts of available vitamins and minerals, reducing the requirement of additives and supplements. Combined with the most up-to-date companion animal nutrition research, our lines of raw food and dehydrated treats for cats and dogs represent the very best in healthy and responsibly sourced pet nutrition.