COVID-19 Response

To Our Valued Customers,

We’re here for you! Our team is busy filling orders and getting them out without delay. We realize how important it is for you to be able to keep your pets fed while keeping yourselves safe.

Rest assured that we’re also keeping a close eye on COVID-19-related recommendations, requirements, and challenges. We make MeatMe pet food and treats in our own processing facility that produces premium human meat in addition to pet food. As such, we have always had the utmost hygiene and safety standards. This applies to every inch of our plant, including public and office environments as well as processing rooms. Additionally, we are vertically integrated, meaning that we are not bringing proteins into our plant from outside of our company. We humanely raise all of our own livestock and it stays under our control until we package our pet food and deliver it to you.

That said, unprecedented recent events have resulted in the following additional health and safety measures:

  • Non-essential personnel are working from home.
  • We’ve created even more strict guidelines keeping employees from coming to work if they are sick or a family member is sick.
  • We’ve created even more frequent cleaning schedules for equipment, surfaces, walls, and floors.
  • We’ve instructed any employees that are concerned about leaving their homes for any reason to shelter at home if they wish; they may utilize our paid leave benefits.

Our focus has always been and continues to be on providing safe, healthy, and traceable food and treats for cats and dogs. We’re thankful to have implemented exacting standards when we launched our company, and we’re committed to staying true to those standards now and always.

May you and your loved ones, two-legged and four, stay safe and healthy.


The MeatMe Team