Dehydrated Treats for Cats


Purrrrrrrrrrr ... 

Our single-ingredient treat line for cats consists of Toppers and Nibbles. Made in our own manufacturing facility in Virginia with human-grade, USDA certified organic, Certified Humane®, and Non-GMO Project Verified proteins, all treats are shelf-stable and full of flavor and nutrients. Featuring gently dehydrated muscle meat proteins born and raised on our own Ayrshire Farm and carefully selected partner farms, these treats have no additives or preservatives. Toppers and Nibbles are available as Chibbles® (chicken), Bibbles® (beef), and Tibbles® (turkey). Nibbles are available as Chibbles and Tibbles. 

How to Feed Toppers
A little goes a long way! Just one ounce of our ground, dehydrated toppers equals four ounces of raw meat. Sprinkle 1 tsp per cup of food to enhance nutrition and flavor. Or make a tasty broth by mixing 1 tsp for every 1/4 cup of warm water.

How to Feed Nibbles

These bite-sized morsels are perfect as a reward or snack. Feed them whole to medium- and large-sized dogs. Break them in half for small dogs and cats.