Q: Why does the color and texture of the meat vary slightly from package to package?

A: Color and texture variation is normal from batch to batch due to seasonal changes in produce and livestock. Natural meat varies in color and texture. Color consistency is a hallmark of processed food due to the addition of color enhancers and preservatives.

Q: Why isn’t the rabbit in the raw nuggets Certified Organic or Certified Humane®?
A: There are no established Certified Humane® standards for raising rabbits. However, our founder made guidelines based on Certified Humane® standards for other animal production that we follow. 

Q: Tell me about your recipes.
A: A nutritionist with a PhD in biochemistry formulated MeatMe recipes for Adult Maintenance (AAFCO designation) specific to canines and felines. We don’t use HPP, irradiation, or any form of pasteurization. We are real raw! All of our produce is Certified Organic and our supplements are responsibly sourced in the USA.

Q: Can I mix the raw nuggets or dehydrated treats with other pet food?
A: Yes, you can mix any MeatMe product with any other pet food.

Q: Is it safe to rotate proteins when feeding raw nuggets or dehydrated treats?
A: Yes, rotating proteins is recommended. Variety is optimal for your pet.

Q: What should I do if a package of the nuggets gets freezer burn?
A: Freezer burn is simply moisture that has formed ice crystals on exterior surfaces. It does not affect taste or your pet’s safety. As long as the nuggets have been stored and prepared at a safe temperature, they will be safe and tasty for your pet.

Q: Can cats eat MeatMe jerky treats too?
A: Absolutely! All of our treats are suitable for dogs and cats, although our jerky is suggested as a canine product because of the thickness and size of the strips. Some of our customers, however, have told us that they break the jerky into smaller pieces for cats with great results.