Transitioning to Raw Pet Food

What to expect: If your pets have always eaten kibble or processed canned food, they may need to get used to a raw diet. While the majority of cats and dogs adapt quickly to this diet, others may go through a brief detox period as their bodies adjust to eating whole food. Once their bodies grow accustomed to healthier food, they will experience renewed vigor and vitality.

To introduce your pet to raw food, mix a small amount of raw food with your pet’s usual kibble or canned food for the first few meals. Once your pet is comfortable with the addition of raw food, you can slowly reduce or remove all kibble and processed canned food from their diet over the course of a week or two depending on how your pet is adjusting.

Important: While we believe a diet consisting solely of raw food is the best way to achieve optimum nutrition for your pet, we recognize that switching completely to raw may not be what every pet parent chooses to do. Adding any amount of raw food represents an improvement in your pet’s diet.