Why Choose MeatMe?

We believe that the health of humans, animals, and the earth is inseparable, so farming and environmental stewardship should be integrated. Our animals are carefully raised in a nurturing environment in order to promote their health and well-being, the wellness of our pets, and the integrity of the planet.
Unlike processed pet food, our meats are not genetically engineered, given synthetic growth hormones, or fed a diet of antibiotics. They are American-sourced, human-grade meats processed in our own USDA-inspected facility using USDA Certified Organic, Certified Humane®, and Non-GMO Project Verified proteins.

The MeatMe Difference

Five Facts to Chew On

1) A PhD biochemist developed MeatMe raw food to include whole food ingredients, purposefully selected mineral supplements, and no fillers or preservatives.

2) All of our ingredients are carefully vetted and safely sourced (absolutely no ingredients from China, including vitamins). We strive for 100% American ingredients whenever available.

3) All products are locally produced with human-grade proteins from Ayrshire Farm and local partner farms, and regularly tested for pathogens in our own USDA-inspected meat processing facility.

4) Our human-grade chicken, turkey, and beef products are USDA Certified Organic, Certified Humane®, and Non-GMO Project Verified. Our rabbit products are made from responsibly raised, local rabbits, in accordance with Ayrshire Farm’s publicly available rabbit welfare standards. 

5) Our low-waste model ensures that leftover products are composted to give back to the earth and regenerate the soil and forage for our grazing food animals.

Five Reasons to Care

1) Pets experience better digestion and absorption of nutrients when they are fed diets resembling what they would eat in the wild.

2) Evolution-based nutrition is most beneficial for health and longevity.

3) Raw food is at the top of the pet food pyramid, whereas kibble is at the bottom. Kibble, and all processed food, leads to multiple diseases including various cancers, dental diseases, diabetes, allergies, hyperthyroidism in cats, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney disease and failure, obesity, pancreatitis, seizures, and urinary diseases.  

4) Our humane, organic farming practices and low-waste models enable us to produce MeatMe sustainably on land.

5) Our vertically integrated production and processing facilities allow for complete traceability, ensuring the safest food for your pet.