Our Promise

Real Food & Real Farmers

We’re life-long farmers working a historic farm in Virginia. We’ve been producing premium meats for people for decades. And now the exact same high-quality proteins are available for cats and dogs!

Total Transparency

Welcome to unprecedented levels of transparency and traceability. The proteins in MeatMe frozen raw pet food and dehydrated treats are born and raised in the USA, on our own Ayrshire Farm and carefully selected partner farms. We own our own abattoir and our own processing facility. We’re proud to provide exceptionally high quality pet food and treats using regenerative, sustainable, and ethical farming practices. Our vertically integrated model enables us to have full control of the manufacturing process from farm to bowl.

Stellar Standards

You should know exactly what goes into your pet's food, where the food was processed, and in what country the ingredients were sourced. You should rest assured that the proteins used in the food were raised responsibly and humanely. And you should feel confident that the company making your pet's food cares about the Earth. At MeatMe, we believe the best pet food on the planet can be the best pet food for the planet! 

Labels to Love

We’re certified organic, Certified Humane®, and Non-GMO. These certifications are the result of working with third-party certifiers who have a completely objective view of our organization. We’re not just talking to ourselves; we’re listening to our peers and experts in the industry. We hold ourselves accountable and expect our customers to do the same!